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Importance of the Keyword in Search Engine Ranking

Targeting the keywords is the most important step in web site optimization. The accuracy will dictate the likelihood of a prospective customer finding your product on an information page such as an article or a press release.

A keyword in search engine ranking optimization refers to the words used by Google users to find information, products and services. A web site gains importance in the eyes of Google based on the quality of the links to the site. This improves the ranking of your site on Google and Yahoo. The choice of keywords should be reflected in the links on the web page so as to entice readers to click the link and either buy on the spot or be directed to a sales landing page.

Google’s biggest vehicle is PPC (Pay Per Click), where you bid on the best keywords that target your demographic audience so the Google paid ad appears in their search pages. This is an effective way to funnel traffic to a web page. Though this is a paid option, and therefore requires a budget. There are free organic methods that can allow the use of keywords to propel a product into the top ten on Google.

The content requires a certain type of keyword for search engine ranking to be achieved. Place the keywords that are used to find the product in the title description of the article. Then ensure the main content repeats those keywords say 2-3 times as the visitor reads the text. Descriptive text using these keywords will produce more accurate results in the search engines. Ranking though is not an overnight achievement and can take up to 6 months before you see the full benefits of your campaign.

The HTML code needs to be optimized. You don’t need to be a programmer to understand a basic grasp of HTML as it involves just a few tags. META tags placed at the beginning of the code contain descriptions, one contains the META description. Ensure the text contains the top keywords for the content of that page. Also, ensure your images have descriptive ALT tags that mention the benefits of the product being displayed.

So, how do you perform the best keyword research? There is a free tool called Wordtracker which will give a list of results for you based on keywords related to your product. The tool lists words used by people in the search engines. You can instantly view how popular a keyword is for a niche area. Write out a list of keywords based on this research.

Think laterally, how often is your niche area found? For example, a search on skin cream yields searches for needed information and popular product titles. So you will need to write articles that fit those keywords. By doing this, you are covering your niche area with quality informed content.

If you have a video showcasing your products, upload it to YouTube and tag it with your keyword phrases.

Now you know how a keyword in search engine ranking plays it part.